From his early student days at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences to his current medical practice in nephrology in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Alireza Atef-Zafarmand has demonstrated how hard work and determination to provide superior treatment to patients can spell success in a medical career. Upholding his patients’ interests at all times, Dr. Atef-Zafarmand has always strived to deliver the best medical care possible to all his patients by adhering to excellent standards in all aspects of treatment administration. Passionate about the welfare of his patients, Dr. Alireza believes in the dictum that had been endlessly emphasized to him way back in his medical student days: Primum nil nocere (First, do no harm). Seriously considering the risks as well as the benefits of any treatment or intervention he prescribes for his patients, Dr. Atef-Zafarmand invokes this principle of non-maleficence to make the most careful decisions for his patients’ benefit.

Adhering to the highest standards of medical ethics possible, Dr. Alireza Atef-Zafarmand has been acknowledged as a kind, caring and expert physician who never finds it beyond himself to explore all procedures necessary in order to bring about healing in his ill patients, whether they are clinical patients or critical intensive care unit patients. Aware of the tremendous responsibility that medical doctors such as him hold, Dr. Atef-Zafarmand is prepared to perform intensive research and study as part of his everyday tasks as a nephrology doctor.

Having earned the trust and respect of the thousands of patients he has worked on in Mesquite, Sunnyvale, Dallas, North Dallas and the Plano area, Dr. Alireza Atef-Zafarmand has readily spent the last 18 months of his practice focused on admitted hospitalized patients. Known for his motivational attitude and humor, Dr. Atef-Zafarmand exhibits an exemplary willingness to build professional relationships with his colleagues and caring relationships with his patients.



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